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    Yantai LIFTEC Rigging Co. Ltd. is a leading Chinese supplier and exporter of specialized equipment, devices and accessories used for rigging and lifting. Our products are used in a wide range of industry sectors including Mining, Offshore Oil Rigs, Marine, Construction, Transport and Engineering.

    Over the years, the company has won recognition and multiple awards from its worldwide customers for its quality products and dedicated services. As one international client commented; "When we think of quality, Liftec are the only serious Chinese company on our radar." IT WOULD BE GREAT IF WE COULD NAME THE CUSTOMER YOU ARE QUOTING

    We specialize in manufacture and supply of synthetic slings, chain slings, lashings, components and all types of rated and commercial grade rigging hardware. Liftec's guiding principles are to provide Customer Service, Safety and Value through our quality range of Products, Industry Knowledge and Innovation. Quality control is an important part of daily operations. Each product is inspected by trained staff during manufacture and also prior to shipment to ensure it meets international standards.

    Through multiple international partnerships, we are keeping up to date with the progressive and innovative nature of the industry by continuously upgrading our products and quality processes to meet best practices. Quality audits and specialist training are an important part of our operations.

    Our aim is to create value for our clients and their customers, by understanding our client's business and treating their needs as our own. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, to be part of their sustainable businesses and by doing so we build own business.

    For all your lifting and rigging applications please contact us and we will endeavor to meet your requirements.

    About Liftec

    We are in close association and strategic partnership with some international renowned companies. During the past two decades, mutually beneficial relationships have developed with our strategic partners. With the input of specialist and expert knowledge we have been able to continuously improve the range and quality of our products. Our lifting and lashing products have become the preferred choice by the market leaders in key markets. 

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    Our reputation has been built on Quality, Safety and Service. In all markets safety is critical, and this starts with a quality product backed by a reliable company. All of our manufacturing factories are ISO 9001 certified. Over the years, our lifting products have established a reputation for quality across the key continents. Our products comply with the various demanding National and International standards.


    One of our company's distinct features is our dedicated and quality conscious team of in-house engineers, who establish and test the product design and augment the manufacturing and quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction by providing suitable and reliable products for the application. All finished products are tested in accordance with the applicable Certification by our engineer.

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