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It is cast manganese sheave, key part in the pulley block, customized for American client. After receiving the goods, our client highly praise that it is perfect after test. There are many experienced engineers so we can design and conduct the control in the whole process. 



Usually Sheave design takes into account the following factors:


 1.   The bending stress induced in the wire rope.


 2.   The radial pressure of the wire rope on a sheave, which is the function of the rope tension and tread diameter of the sheave.


 3.   Safe bearing pressure of the material used in the sheave when the rope makes sufficient arc of contact with the   sheave so that at least 1 rope lay, equal to about 6 diameters of rope, is in contact with sheave surface at all times.



If a sheave is forged or cast from a material softer than the wire rope, sheave life and a wire rope life will be shortened. The sheave will have a tendency to take on the impression of the wire rope, causing scoring and corrugation of the line groove. Hard sheave surfaces offer the best bearing surface for wire rope, prolonging sheave life and rope life.


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